Creative Something

Panther Systems develops analytical solutions for the paper and pulp industry. In an effort to expand their paper mill process control offerings, they enlisted Creative Something to turn a napkin sketch into a paper mill-ready, industrial calibration device.


Any solution had to stand up to the punishing environment found inside of a paper mill. In addition to the temperatures, moisture, and abrasion, small acumulated paper fibers can cause a host of issues with sensors and mechanisms.


Although our intial prototypes used materials that are less prone to abrasion, the constant motion of the paper was even wearing away the metals. After investigating more exotic materials,  we found that sapphire, the second hardest mineral after diamond, had the strength required.  


The success of the product relied on the relationship between the sensor, the pnuematic system, and the mechanism that brought them together. 3D printed prototypes allowed for the rapid development of complex mechanisms.





Panther- Industrial Caliper

work-small work-small Industrial Caliper-200x200 Exploded Sensor Head- reverse-200x200 20150331_150110-200x200 PANTHER ASSEM-200X200