Creative Something

Creative Something worked with Logitech to energize their multimedia family of speakers. As the product design liason between Logitech engineering and the industrial design team, Creative Something maintained both the continuity and intent of the designers while also meeting the hardware and acoustic requirements of the engineers.


The Logitech Z623 is a 200 watt, THX certified system with two satelites and a powerful sub woofer, while the Z506 is a certified 5.1 system with five satelites and a sub.


Both designs were built as mastermodels from scratch in Pro Engineer. The plastic parts were broken out and externally detailed. Logitech used these files for further detail design and packaging design. Creative Something also provided on-site design engineering support in China as the units were reviewed by potential factory partners in Guangzhou.  

Logitech Speakers- Z506 and Z623

work-small back to back z623-2 render-everest - crop render-mojo - crop just speakers z623-2 - crop render-everest - crop speakers with sub z623-1 - crop z506 family top- crop