Creative Something

Keypad Prototype


Creative Something worked with a large electonics supplier to create a keypad accessory for tablet computers. The project grew from meer exploration of a keyboard concept to an full fledged, nine month development of twenty prototypes including design, engineering, electrical, and manufacturing.


The goal was to leapfrog any existing keypad by pushing the thickness of the product to 3mm.The keypad would feature not only  bluetooth for data but  wireless charging as well.


The biggest challenge proved to be the assembly of such a thin and tightly toleranced device. The elastomeric keypad translated any height variation in the internal components into ripples and reflection on the cosmetic face. With aluminum and rubber parts as thin as .25mm the right combination of manufacturing contacts and design choices resulted in a final design that exceeded the clients expectations.


work-small photo- full keyboard - square photo- keyboard recharging - square photo- keyboard slot - square render- keypad exploded