Creative Something


ANSR creates handheld phototherapy devices that focus on aging and acne. The BEAM contains an array of LEDs of specific wavelengths that are applied to the skin, promoting collagen growth while killing bacteria.


Working as the lead engineer, I helped ANSR design and build their first, complete turnkey product. The BEAM is a compact, friendly device that is intuitive and easy to use. Starting in Phase 1, I worked hand in hand with the industrial designer on developing a form that would help provide an iconic shape to this new brand. While participating in ethnographic, in-home research, we found key insights that helped drive the shape and function of the product.


As the industrial design came together, I addressed the product architecture. The end result was a case study in design for assembly.  The product is put together with one screw.  A press fit of the top and bottom housings provides the final assembly step.  I was responsible for the surfacing and detail design  CAD work in Solidworks.


Working closely with a domestic injection molding facility and contract manufacturer, I created full 2D documentation, BOMs, and assembly fixtures.

work-small render- front render- iso2 - square render- explode - square render- open2- square ansr-group-pic - square render- cross section - square