Creative Something

Abida is a start-up focusing on the senior travel market. Their first product is a three-legged travel chair. With its unique handle design and telescoping legs, it can fold down small enough to fit into carry-on luggage. The aluminum tubes help to keep the weight below 3lbs. The large seat and sophisticated design set it apart from every other folding chair on the market.


Abida came to Creative Something with a functional prototype and a great attitude.  They wanted to refine the design and optimize all of the parts for injection molding and extrusion. Following the detailed engineering phase, a series of prototypes proved the chair had the strength required.


Creative Something provided manufacturing support as the 'Interlude' chair moved into mass production, creating all of the documentation (2D drawings, BOMs, etc.) necessary to manage the project.


Creative Something has been an integral partner in the engineering and production of this product.

Abida- Travel Chair

work-small work-small ABIDA-4 Handles-90x90 Hinge Mechanism-90x90 Collapsed-90x90 Seat-90x90